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Save 25% off the R&D Tax Credit
Save up to $10,000,000

Prepare your R&D credit with Neo.Tax and save 25% off the processing fees. Neo.Tax helps software, hardware, biotech, and venture-backed startups claim tax credits they are entitled to. In under 30 minutes, qualifying companies can receive up to $10M back from the IRS. On average our customers save over $50,000!

Redemption instructions:
Please visit: and signup OR email to activate the discount OR book a call with one of our tax specialists:

Special Restrictions:
As long as you're launching or designing a new product and conducting some economic activity in the US, you'll apply for at least one credit and potentially many more.

Available for new and existing customers

How It Works

Neo.Tax's R&D credit and capitalization product simplifies the process of claiming R&D tax credits while ensuring compliance with capitalization rules. Powered by AI, it automates the identification and categorization of eligible expenses, saving time and improving accuracy. It also provides guidance on R&D capitalization, helping companies maximize tax savings. With Neo.Tax, companies can streamline their R&D tax credit process, comply with capitalization requirements, and optimize their tax benefits.


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