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$50,000 in credits for 12 months
Save up to $50,000

Mixpanel guides startups to product-market fit so you can quickly convert, engage, and retain your best users. And now you can nail your product-market fit, for free. Join Mixpanel for Startups and receive $50,000 in free credits. If your startup was founded within the last 5 years and has raised less than $8 million in funding, you can tap into new avenues of growth with Mixpanel for Startups. Every startup is in a race to deliver the greatest value to its customers before it runs out of cash. And while many startups rely on gut feelings to make product decisions, that’s an expensive way to find product-market fit. Mixpanel knows startups. And that’s why they offer a plan for every budget and a platform that can answer 99% of all your product questions in seconds. Join Mixpanel for Startups and build the best possible product. And when you’re ready to raise your next round of funding, Mixpanel can help you with that, too. Whether you’re on version 1.1 or 10.0, Mixpanel can help you grow with confidence and curiosity.

Redemption instructions:
Click the button to be redirected, then select 'Apply' on the Mixpanel for Startups landing page. Fill in your information and select "Other" as the referral partner on the application and list BuiltFirst as the partner.

Special Restrictions:
This offer is available for those that meet the following criteria; -Not currently on a paid plan. -Incorporated less than 5 years ago. -Less than $8M USD raised. Reach out to if you do not meet the eligibility requirements but are interested in redeeming the offer.

Available for new and existing customers


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